Credit: Suzanne Tenner

Burying the Ex

In the new horror-comedy Burying the Ex, Twilight franchise star Ashley Greene plays a woman named Evelyn who just can’t take a hint—that she’s dead. Directed by the great Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling, The ‘Burbs) the film costars Anton Yelchin as Greene’s former boyfriend whose attempts to woo a character played by Alexandria Daddario are complicated by Evelyn’s (zombified) reappearance in his life.

“Her boyfriend has his mourning period, but then gets over it,” Greene told EW in late 2013. “Much to his dismay, she comes back as a zombie but doesn’t clock that she is a zombie and thinks that true love has brought her back and that they’re supposed to be together forever.”

Burying the Ex is due to be released this summer. You can see the film’s trailer below.

Burying the Ex
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