Credit: Scott Gries

Neighbors With Benefits

It was a swing and a miss: A&E’s Neighbors with Benefits, the first reality show about swingers, has been canceled, EW can confirm.

While the series had filmed nine hour-long episodes, only two ever made it to air before it was canned—quite possibly because the show was so panned. Which isn’t to say the premise wasn’t intriguing: The show followed a group of suburban parents in Ohio who engaged in what they referred to as “The Lifestyle”—essentially fooling around with one another after drinking too much Pinot Grigio at their house parties, but with a set of “rules.” But it never delivered on that compelling promise, and the result mostly ended up just being uncomfortable to watch.

Maybe it wasn’t the swingers’ fault. As we learned in the first two episodes, the lifestyle wasn’t actually all that easy to lead, and it wasn’t easy to sell to everyone in the neighborhood. (Some of the neighbors embraced it and joined along, but others thought it was a sin.) Apparently it wasn’t easy to sell to the rest of America, either.

Neighbors With Benefits
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