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Home was the talk of the town last weekend when it overperformed with a $52.1 million debut—but that’s nothing compared to what Furious 7 premiered with: an estimated $143.6 million domestic and $384 million worldwide.

This number is about 50 percent more than the last Furious film’s $97.4 million debut, and is the first film in the franchise to break the $100 million mark in the first weekend. It’s also a little less than what the first Fast and Furious made throughout its entire domestic run back in 2001—and “a little less” really means a little less: That one grossed $144.5 million in 19 weeks. This one grossed $143.6 million in three days.

Franchises don’t always do this well, which is why Furious 7‘s success is that much more impressive. For example, the third Hobbit film just recently debuted with $19 million less than its predecessor—a decrease in earnings that signalled a decrease in interest. But the Fast and Furious films just keep on garnering more and more interest thanks to a combination of a beloved, diverse cast and a promise of each movie being even crazier than the last.

Furious 7 not only gets the title of No. 1 at the weekend box office, but a few other titles as well: It just had the ninth biggest opening weekend, right behind Spider-Man 3‘s $151.1 million 2007 debut. And it’s the first film to have a $100 million-plus debut in April, according to Rentrak—beating out Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which previously held the April record with its $95 million opening in 2014.

As for the rest of the top 5, Home dropped around 47 percent this weekend. This is a good sign: The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, another family-friendly animated film that came out earlier this year, also dropped around the same amount between its first and second weekends—and it’s gone on to make $160.8 million since its Feb. 6 debut. If this is any indicator of Home’s future performance, the Dreamworks film has a completely profitable future ahead.

Get Hard came in at No. 3 with $12.9 million, 62 percent less than its $33.8 million opening. Although $12.9 million isn’t a failure by any means, it does show a drop in interest—possibly inspired by negative reviews.

Cinderella finished its fourth week at the No. 4 spot with $10.3 million, proving there’s a big and consistent audience for fantasy films, and Insurgent made the No. 5 spot with $10 million.

1. Furious 7 — $143.6 million

2. Home — $27.4 million

3. Get Hard — $12.9 million

4. Cinderella — $10.3 million

5. Insurgent — $10 million

Outside the top five, well-reviewed horror It Follows added 437 theaters and finished the weekend at No. 6 with $2.5 million. Woman in Gold, a drama starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds, opened in 258 theaters and made $2 million.

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