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I just need some Daenerys scoop to tide me over before Game of Thrones returns! — Jamie

Some of the inhabitants of Meereen are not happy with their new leadership, forcing Dany to take some drastic measures that could put her regime in more danger. But two different allies might offer hope of a better future.

Rumplestiltskin said something troubling during last week’s Once Upon a Time that made me think he’s going to die. Please say it isn’t so! — Linda

I cannot confirm nor deny the Dark One’s fate, but you won’t have to wait long to find out what he meant when he said something else is changing, so he has to change the rules as fast as possible. “Rumple also has a secret about what’s going on with him personally,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says. “In the very next episode we’re going to get the answer to that.” We’ll also find out exactly what Rumple is lording over Regina that will made her obey—and it doesn’t have to do with Henry. “It’s something entirely different and yet familiar at the same time,” Kitsis says.

I need some Good Wife scoop, please! — Martha

This Sunday’s episode is all about the past coming back to haunt our favorite characters. For Alicia, it’s in the form of her old emails to Will when a journalist somehow gets her hands on them. Meanwhile, Kalinda’s situation is even more troubling. Remember how she faked evidence for Cary? Yep, that comes back into play.

Looking for some clarity about what’s up next for the Jennings family after the last episode’s casual bombshell—you know, where Philip and Elizabeth told Paige that they’re Russian spies? — Frederick

While TPTB are staying tight-lipped about Paige’s next move, Philip and Elizabeth are preparing themselves for both the best and worst case scenario. “Just because this is their daughter doesn’t mean they have any illusions,” executive producer Joe Weisberg says. “They’re not looking in the short term for any positive resolution of this. They know tough times are ahead.”

So are Luke and Sadie turning into an item on Nashville? — Julie

It certainly seems that way, though before they can enjoy any romance, they have to get through what happened at the end of the last episode. You know, the part where Sadie shot her husband? So here’s the good and bad news: The incident gives Luke a chance to be there for Sadie, but the emotional toll it takes on Sadie will definitely put a damper on things. I will say that their obstacle has to do with space, but I won’t say whether it’s because they’re separated by jail bars.

What’s going to happen on The Flash now that Eddie knows the truth? — Katia

It’s actually going to make Barry feel a lot more guilty about keeping Iris in the dark. “Eddie, as always, is the much more emotionally in touch character and is like, ‘This is ridiculous. Not telling her, you’re actually putting her in more danger,'” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says. “That actually starts to become the conflict between the three men because Eddie is not happy with how Barry and Joe have been handling this. It starts to really impact his relationship with Eddie.” It’ll also impact the relationship between Iris and Eddie, who will get into a fight when the duo go on a five-way date with Felicity, Ray and Barry. Talk about awkward.

When is that gun going to come back into play on Forever? — Sienna

You’ll see it again next week as Henry ponders whether the gun could be the key to ending his life for good—though he may not be ready for that step just yet. That’ll be good news once Jo makes a surprising decision when it comes to Isaac. Bonus scoop: A famous face will pop up during Henry’s flashback.

I was rolling on the floor laughing that Stephanie was hitting on a teenager during Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy! But seriously, does she actually have a shot at finding love this season? — Ronald

It’s going to happen sooner than you think! “In the plane crash episode, you’re going to get to see Stephanie fight for love in a very real way,” Jerrika Hinton says, teasing that it involves someone new.

Do you have anything on the Shameless finale? — Michael

As the season finale nears, guns are the hot topic as two characters find themselves looking down the receiving end of a pistol. Is it Ian, who’s followed Monica to, err, not quite greener pastures? Lip, whose ignoring of Amanda may cause her to reach a breaking point? Or is it Frank, contending with an increasingly erratic Bianca? (Hint: one and a half of these choices are correct!)

Anything 12 Monkeys would be great. — Sam

In a bid to save Cole’s life, Railly will turn to a very familiar face in the present: Jones! “What I’m looking forward to is dismissing some of the theories people have that Jones is actually Cassie,” executive producer Terry Matalas says. “You can look forward to seeing the woman before the apocalypse. The woman before Hannah is played differently. You’ll really start to understand her a bit more, and it’s an episode that has some big mythology twists, too.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: It’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the lights! It’s time for ABC to reboot The Muppet Show!

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Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill and Marc Snetiker.

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