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With HBO Now on the horizon, HBO wants viewers to put their money where their virtual mouths are.

Several years ago, there was a Twitter campaign (“#takemymoneyHBO“) in which viewers pledged that they would pay HBO for a standalone HBO Go service, one that didn’t require a cable subscription. HBO Now, the recently announced offering fro mthe premium cable network, is effectively that service.

And HBO wants to let those who said they were willing to pay that it’s time to start opening their wallets.

The HBO Twitter account has been replying to tweets, some two or three years old, asking the owners of those Twitter accounts to follow HBO so that the channel’s account can direct message them. Each tweet has been accompanied by a GIF from an HBO show and the HBO Now logo.

Whether HBO plans on sending these users some information, a free trial, or something else remains to be seen, but it’s some impressive digging on HBO’s part to remind consumers of the promises they’re willing to make. As of publication, there have been 15 tweets from the HBO account, which HBO likely hopes will translate to 15 more HBO Now subscriptions.

HBO Now is set to launch this month, likely to coincide with the fifth season premiere of Game of Thrones, as well as the season premieres of Silicon Valley and Veep.

A representative for HBO did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the campaign.

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