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Closing Arguments

In an instance of art imitating life, The Good Wife tackles a hot-button topic on this Sunday’s all-new episode, “Loser Edit.” Diane (Christine Baranski) participates in a case for R.D. (guest star Oliver Platt) that pits her political sympathies toward gay marriage against the rights of religious freedom. Here, co-creators Robert and Michelle King tease why you should tune in to Sunday’s episode:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did the timing of this episode work out? You wrote and shot this back in February, but it’s lining up perfectly with current events.

ROBERT KING: I think it’s a combination of having a really good writers’ room. We have seven writers, and what they do all day is argue these issues. And I’ll say that we’re part of that, too. But we’re all looking at the issues that we think are on the cusp of being subjects of debate at the family dinner table when the family gets together for Easter or Passover. What are they going to argue about? And you don’t want to get too far behind the issue because then it’s reached its zenith in the zeitgeist. And then you’re kind of on the lower crest of it, or the facts change on the ground. Suddenly the issue that you thought was so hot has kind of cooled only because now it’s another issue. Our writers’ room is very good at doing things two months ahead. I don’t know why. Crystal ball or something. [Laughs]

MICHELLE KING: What we’ve found is especially good for us are issues that we can’t imagine any other show touching. If it feels like, oh this would be appetizing to a different crime show or a different law show, then that’s a real good sense that that’s not the issue for us.

Why is it so important for people to watch this particular episode?

RK: The tension between gay marriage and religious freedom is a topic that people get very angry and furious about on both sides. They kind of don’t explore all the various repercussions from which way you go. I think what we found exciting about the episode—and one of the reasons why I wanted to pursue it—was it takes you through it fairly slowly and looks at all sides of it while still being funny. I mean, whenever we do serious subjects you don’t want to get too far away from fart jokes. [Laughs] We have two great comic actors in Oliver Platt and Christine Baranski, and they helped explore both sides through them playing opposite sides of the same issue.

MK: And then the other reason the episode feels important, at least important to the fans of The Good Wife is that there is a lot going on with Alicia vis-à-vis the election.

RK: We did an episode a few weeks ago that was about 3-D technology and the printing of guns. And we’d always read a lot about it, but it’s one thing to read about it and another thing to see it. And that was fun because we saw the process. Here, we want to see the process and kind of see the repercussions of it.

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Closing Arguments
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