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If there’s one consistently inconsistent aspect of the Fast and Furious franchise, it’s that each film’s name follows a different format from the last. Sometimes, even a singl movie goes by two different names. Take the franchise’s sixth film, for example: The movie is called Furious 6 in its opening credits. But marketing, including the film’s post-release box art, calls it Fast and Furious 6 instead.

With that in mind: Presuming Furious 7 (which we should actually be calling Furious Seven, according to director James Wan) does well enough for Universal to greenlight an eighth film (and all early signs suggest it will), what, exactly, are they going to call it?

Let’s get the obvious options out of the way: Fast 8, Furious 8, and Fast & Furious 8 are probably all on the table. But they’re boring and predictable, something the Fast and Furious franchise has no interest in being.

It may very well be that the marketing machine forces one of these more conventional titles on the film—but here’s hoping whatever the eighth entry proves to be, its title is as imaginative and, hopefully, ridiculous, as its action sequences.

With that in mind, EW’s resident (The/2) Fast (Five) (and/&) (the/2) Furious (: Tokyo Drift, 6, 7, Seven) experts—Jonathon Dornbush, Samantha Highfill, Darren Franich, and Andrea Towers—have created a list of potential titles for the next film in the franchise.

  1. 8 Fast 8 Furious: Even if 2 Fast 2 Furious is one of the franchise’s less beloved entries, its title is one of the most endearing in sequel history—rivaled only by Step Up 2 the Streets for most inventive use of the number “2.” So if the eighth film wants to take on a similarly lighter tone, why not also ape the second entry’s confusing title?

  2. F8ST: Trans4mers. Tak3n. The “8” kind of looks like an “A,” right? It’s good enough if Universal wants to hop on the number-within-a-title trend.

  3. F8: Pronounced “Fate.” The Fast and Furious films often feature destiny-related dialogue and taglines. If all roads lead to this movie, or it’s one last last ride, why not show how everything has brought Dominic Toretto and the Furious crew to this point not by choice, but by fate?

  4. The Fury: Forego the number completely and just focus on the increasing furiousness of each successive movie. Also, having a cool nickname to call the entire Fast and Furious ensemble would be helpful.

  5. Fast and Infuri8: Take a different form of “furious,” replace some of the letters with a number, and you have a perfect contender. Everyone’s infuriated at this point, anyway—the Shaw brothers, Dom and the crew anytime someone attacks their family, Hobbs.

  6. Fast 8 Furious: Again, the “8” kind of looks like an ampersand… right?

  7. Fast ∞: Stick with us. The eighth film takes place entirely on a single raceway in the shape of figure-8. At the very least, it would make for a cool credits moment when the “8” of the title card turns on its side and then transforms into the racetrack. It can represent the infinite struggle the gang must endure to protect their family. It can also represent the fact that these films will outlive us all.

  8. 8: Because by the eighth film, you should know what you’re going to the theaters to see.

And here’s a list of the titles already:

The Fast and the Furious

2 Fast 2 Furious

The fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Fast & Furious

Fast Five

Furious 6/Fast & Furious 6

Furious 7/Furious Seven

Furious 7

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