By Madison Vain
Updated April 02, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

Nathan Williams, the singer-songwriter behind rock project Wavves, started a new band with a poppier sound last fall called Spirit Club. Featuring his brother Joel and Fantastic Magic’s Andrew Caddick, the group has released a handful of tracks and recently announced that its self-titled debut album is due later this spring via Ghost Ramp Records.

They’re debuting a new 42-minute mix below—it starts with a Khmer folk song and transitions right into My Bloody Valentine. Not just anyone could pull that off.

Unknown, “Blue Basket”

As far as I know, this artist is ‘unknown’—but it’s one of my favorite cuts off an LP I got a few years ago called ‘Cambodian Cassette Archives.’ The melody is a total ear worm, although I still have no idea what she is singing about.

[We did some research, and while we found the track on several Khmer folk mixes, we couldn’t find an artist.]

My Bloody Valentine, “Touched”

These sort of textural songs on albums always caught me. The ones people would skip because they were short, instrumental and ambient. Less and less artists focus effort on making album, albums. with major ups and downs.

The Cars, “Touch and Go”

I was going through a rough breakup and listened to this song on repeat for weeks on end. It’s got a real good dad solo midway through, and was one of the songs we sort of used as a touchstone for the most recent wavves record

Tom Verlaine, “Kingdom Come”

I was always a huge Television fan. Sometimes TV’s solo work goes unnoticed because of how good “Marquee Moon” is, but this song is so f–king good. “The river so muddy but it may come clear / and I know too well what’s keeping me here.” Little-known fact: Tom Verlaine is God, and I named the high school in my comic ‘Negative Dad’ after him.

The Ventures, “Diamond Head”

Diamond Head is a volcanic cone in Hawaii, and also a good Ventures song.

The Pretenders, “Kid”

Aside from “Brass In My Pocket,” this, in my opinion, is the best Pretenders jam. It’s a classic love song.

Lesley Gore, “Judy’s Turn To Cry”

I was making this mix when Leslie died. RIP LG, you are a legendary bad bitch.

Walter Y Su Organo, “Modus Vivendi”

I literally know nothing about the artist or where I found this song.. probably Sublime Frequencies. But anyways, it’s good. It’s got a really interesting orchestral quality. Sounds like part of a score.

Gert Wilden & Orchestra, “Follow Me”

This song is the same 3 chords the whole time, and it still never gets old.

Devo, “Uncontrollable Urge”

To me, it’s one of the more demented Devo songs. Clearly got some dark and relatable tones. Mark Mouthersbaugh is one of the few people I still look up to.

The Alley Cats, “Waiting For the Buzz”

I first heard “Waiting for the Buzz” on a Dangerhouse Records mix a friend made for me. It was mostly late ’70s stuff. The Weirdos, The Dills, X.

Johnny Thunders, “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory”

One of my all-time favorite songs. “And when I’m home, big deal I’m still alone.” It’s also in one of my favorite Sopranos episodes.

Cocteau Twins, “Lorelei”

I love the drum machine and production on this track. Very dreamy.

The Surfadelic, “Surfadelic Affair”

Surf songs always have the best names.

Marilyn Manson, “Sympathy for the Parents”

Another one of those songs that some people consider filler, but adds a lot to an actual album listen.

The Jesus and Mary Chain, “You Trip Me Up”

I’m a sucker for a pretty melody and bad production. Sonically, it’s still one of my favorite records. This came out in ’85. I wasn’t born yet.