Credit: Shervin Lainez

The one-two punch of Speedy Ortiz’s 2012 EP Sports and 2013 album Major Arcana made the band darlings of the indie world and standard bearers for the ’90s revival, since they play loud guitars and bear a passing resemblance to cultishly beloved grunge-era greats Helium. For Major Arcana‘s follow-up, frontwoman Sadie Dupuis retreated to her mother’s home in the Connecticut woods and re-emerged with a batch of songs that should put some distance between her band and the neo-’90s gang.

“Puffer,” for instance, envelops listeners in thick waves of warm, fuzzy distortion with Dupuis intoning honey-sweet melodies seemingly right in their ear–a strangely calming sensation, and the kind of innovative spin on guitar rock that’s been hard to come by recently.

Foil Deer is out April 21 on Carpark and is available for pre-order now.