April 02, 2015 at 02:57 PM EDT

This past fall, one little boy became internet-famous for repeating the word “apparently” in an interview with a local news station. But now there’s a new little-boy-on-a-newscast in town: Jayden Wingler, a 4-year-old who bravely and adorably retold the story of how he got hurt on a carnival ride to Phoenix’s FOX 10. 

Some of it’s difficult to understand, but Wingler provides plenty of facial expressions and hand gestures to move the story along. For background, though: Wingler and his brother were on a boat ride at the Castles ‘N Coasters Park when the boat caught fire. Both were able to escape, but still suffered from burns to their legs and feet. As Wingler puts it in the interview, “I hate that fire!”

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