Great news for George Takei fans (which, judging from his 8.4 million Facebook followers, means basically everyone): The Star Trek alum-turned-Internet savant just unveiled his new web series, It Takeis Two, and EWhas an exclusive first look.

Premiering on April 7 on Takei’s YouTube channel, It Takeis Two is a “heightened reality” series that follows George and his husband Brad Takei through their wacky daily lives, as they explore everything from Internet memes to jetpacks to human hamster balls. George’s pun-tastic one-liners are second to none—no wonder he’s such a web master—and the Bewitched-esque opening sequence is truly a work of art.

“After the release of To Be Takei, fans clamored for more from Brad and me,” Takei tells EW. “The web series It Takeis Two gives Brad a place in the spotlight and a platform on which to complain. That alone makes it worth it to me. So while we won’t be taking fans into ‘outer space’ (that was an April’s Fools prank), we will be ‘spacing out’ our lives for the fans through these webisodes. We hope many fans tune in regularly.”

Behold, the first look at Episode 1, “Seriously?!,” in which Brad embarks on a frantic search to remove a meme of himself, while George giggles and tries to get Brad to embrace the wild world of the web.

For more information and to subscribe to the show, head over to YouTube.