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Orphan Black isn’t afraid to throw new hurdles at its clone club at every turn.

BBC America has released a new teaser for the sci-fi series’ upcoming third season, which hints at the horrible dangers Sarah and the other clones will face in the year to come. The male clones from Project Castor are putting the many faces of Tatiana Maslany in danger, and the sister clones will have to work together to save themselves. After all, “it’s hard to tell who’s who these days,” as one of the male clones taunts in the trailer.

The male clones are all played by Ari Millen, and BBC has previously offered a peek at four of the characters he’ll be playing. As they’re described in the trailer, they’re “untraceable, the perfect ghost soliders.” Clearly, Millen will be making life hell for Sarah and the others.

Watch the new trailer below and prepare for Orphan Black‘s third season premiere on April 18.

And just in case you aren’t caught up, never fear – the cast is here to explain everything that’s happened to you in just thirty seconds:

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