Credit: Netflix

This April Fools’, Netflix isn’t trying to pull one over on you—the streaming service really has your back.

Netflix knows that when people binge-watch their shows, other things can… fall by the wayside. Showering, for instance, becomes less important. So does your job. And the entire 3-dimensional outside world.

The network wrangled the stars of its hit shows to implore you not to watch so much TV that you forget your real life. (Think they may have been inspired by a certain pop culture magazine?) After you watch two episodes in a row, a warning will play. Linda Cardellini of Bloodline reminds you to please, take a shower. Selenis Leyva, Gloria on Orange is the New Black, will tell you to do your homework—in Spanish and in English. Michael Kelly (who plays Doug Stamper on House of Cards) strongly suggests you go outside: “Take a little walk. Breathe some fresh air. Say hi to a person. Your body will thank you, and so will I.”

To see all the warnings, just search “Binge Responsibly” on Netflix.


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