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The hospital shooting. The plane crash. The super storm. Grey’s Anatomy has never lacked on big events when it comes to season finales. But executive producer Shonda Rhimes has also been able to find the right balance of heart-racing, jaw-dropping season-enders with quiet hours, like Meredith’s marriage nearly dissolving over her tampering with Derek’s Alzheimer’s trial or Sandra Oh’s exit from the long-running ABC medical drama last season. What’s in store this year?

“I’ve been pitching kidnapping all season,” Jessica Capshaw tells EW. “Maybe it’s Scandal rubbing off on me, but I want some high stakes that doesn’t have to do with medical.”

However, that’s just the actress spit-balling. In truth, when EW hit the set late last month, the cast was still in the dark about this year’s season-ender. But the consensus on set was that Grey’s should and possibly could be heading towards another big event this year. “The big events are always fun to shoot, because big event means big stuff happens,” Kevin McKidd says. “The shooter episode was scary to watch, but it was really fun to shoot. I’m hoping for something big and I think it might be something big. I don’t know yet, but my feeling is that it will be something big.”

Because the season 10 finale was more internal, the cast feels like Grey Sloan is due for another catastrophic event. “Last year’s finale was very emotional,” Camilla Luddington says. “Of course, the finales are always emotional. But I hope for something super dramatic. When I saw the earthquake episode happen, I thought, ‘Oh, maybe there will be an earthquake!’ I want it to be something big like that. But Seattle has been through so much on our show, what else can they do?”

“Honestly, I’m still waiting for them to reveal that our hospital sits on the Hellmouth,” Jerrika Hinton jokes, “and that’s why so many horrible things happen in one place, but I think that might be a series finale, not a season finale.”

For her part, new cast member Kelly McCreary—who played a big role in the show’s other season 10 finale twist with the reveal that her character Maggie is Ellis Grey [Kate Burton] and Richard Webber’s [James Pickens Jr.] daughter—is hoping for a different kind of event. “If President Fitz [Tony Goldwyn] showed up in the last episode, like, ‘Derek, you’ve got to come back to D.C,'” McCreary says with a laugh. “That’s what I want. If we did a Scandal-Grey’s crossover episode for the finale, that would be cool.” Unfortunately, Scandal and Grey’s don’t take place in the same universe.

But McKidd cautions not to necessarily expect a big event in the finale. “In the episodes leading up to the finale, there’s some pretty big stuff happening,” he says. “Maybe it will be a quiet finale because there is some pretty seismic stuff happening as we lead up to the finale.”

What do you want to see in the Grey’s Anatomy finale?

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