By Eric Renner Brown
Updated March 31, 2015 at 03:11 PM EDT
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

While it might not soothe the pain from his abrupt One Direction departure last week, we now—already!—have solo music from Zayn Malik. Well, sort of.

Naughty Boy, a producer who has previously collaborated with Ed Sheeran, Leona Lewis, and Rihanna, tweeted out a new Zayn Malik demo last night, the BBC reports. Unsurprisingly, the track has already been removed from Soundcloud—and One Direction members aren’t happy about Naughty Boy’s move.

It seems that Naughty Boy released the demo as retaliation for a Twitter spat he had with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson earlier Tuesday. Naughty Boy, whose real name is Shahid Khan, retweeted a video of the 22-year-old Malik claiming “Zaughty will rise,” which Tomlinson responded was a thinly veiled attempt “to wind the fans up.”

While the demo—titled “I Won’t Mind — Zayn Naughty Demo”—was still on Soundcloud, it included the caption, “There is nothing but love for what was left behind. That’s why we don’t mind. ;) #zaughty #zinbad.”