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Furious 7 hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but that won’t stop franchise star/mastermind/family man Vin Diesel from discussing what could lie ahead for the franchise.

Diesel appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss the upcoming film, including new castmembers Nathalie Emmanuel and Kurt Russell. Both of their roles have been kept relatively secret, with little known about their full implications in the seventh film’s plot.

While discussing them, however, Diesel went on to tease what one of the new additions could mean for Furious 8, and how it would take the franchise to New York.

Spoilers for Furious 7 follow.

While he doesn’t reveal how, Diesel’s comments indicate that Russell must survive the events of Furious 7, and his next mission will bring Dominic Toretto and the franchise’s mainstays to the east coast..

Russell’s exact role has remained vague, so it’s good to know that Russell’s presence in the franchise is only meant to grow if an eighth film happens. And that’s a very likely “if,” even though an eighth film has not officially been announced.

Though as Diesel says, he plans these films several movies in advance, and likely already has ideas for Furious 8, 9, and 10 at this rate. But if Diesel is willing to be flexible about his plans, it looks like he may already have a new interested castmate in Helen Mirren.

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