Credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Chicago rock stalwarts Wilco have canceled their May 7 tour date at the Murat in Indianapolis in protest of state’s recent passing of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a statute that ratifies a for-profit corporation’s “free exercise” rights alongside those of individuals or churches, and allows a defense against private lawsuits brought by another person (for example, any civil-rights or discrimination suits filed by individuals). As the statute is written, according to The Atlantic, it potentially allows businesses in the state to withhold fair access to employment, housing, or any other public accommodations from gay individuals and/or same-sex couples by citing a “religious objection.”

The band posted a message on their Facebook page today saying that they see the statue as thinly veiled discrimination and that while they hope to return to the Hoosier state soon, it will not be happening on May 7.