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Can Josh Take A Leap of Faith?

Rebecca Bunch may break out in song whenever she likes, but for Rachel Bloom, those catchy, raunchy, and witty Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tunes take time to craft.

In an interview with EW’s Dalton Ross on Entertainment Weekly Radio Sirius XM channel 105 (the full interview with Bloom is available anytime on the Sirius XM app), Bloom spoke about the inspiration and work behind five songs from the series. Listen to the chats about the tracks below. First up: “The Sexy Getting Ready Song,” which she says “was fun to film because the men on set were horrified … [The director] just couldn’t watch it.”

Another pop-inspired track, “Sex With a Stranger” is, for Bloom, representative of how creepy pop music lyrics can be. “It’s funny that pop music is supposed to represent all of us,” she explains. “Here’s this fetishizing of anonymous sex, and that’s just not what I’m into … I really like exploring the realistic side of pop songs, and the ideas that pop music perpetuates.”

When Darryl (Pete Gardner) tries to explain to Rebecca that he loves his daughter in a fatherly way, he sings “I Love My Daughter,” a sweet, but slightly off-putting song about why it’s hard to talk about father-daughter love. “This is my father’s favorite song from the entire show,” Bloom says, adding that the heightened humor from the song doesn’t come from Darryl actually loving his daughter in an inappropriate way, but because he’s “getting caught up in his own thinking” as the song goes on.

In the second episode, Rebecca sings the “Feeling Kinda Naughty” song to Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz), the girlfriend of Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III), who Rebecca obsesses over. The stalker vibe of the song again captures the weirdness of pop music, Bloom says. “There’s this fetishizing of, like, casual lesbianism, where it’s like, ‘Oh, I wanna see two women kissing,’ ” she says. “It’s more of, like, having fun with sexual fluidity but it’s very cutesy so we wanted to take that ‘I Kissed a Girl’ aesthetic … and make it really really serious.” Bloom also reveals the song had originally been much dirtier when the comedy was still planned to air on Showtime — click to listen to those lyrics.

Finally, the “JAP Battle” between Rebecca and her New York lawyer rival came from a host of writers and because “we always knew we wanted them to do, dare I say, a Hamilton-style rap battle,” Bloom says. Hear that, Lin-Manuel Miranda?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs 9 p.m. ET Mondays on The CW.

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