By Ariana Bacle
March 29, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
Dreamworks Animation

The fight for No. 1 at this weekend’s box office wasn’t much of a battle: Home took home the prize by a longshot with $54 million—almost $20 million more than Get Hard‘s $34.6 million debut.

Home overperformed, but that’s not surprising given the year’s lack of PG-rated offerings so far: The last big family-friendly debut was The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, which premiered more than a month ago on Feb. 6. Combine the lack of fresh new family movies and the bright-and-cheery marketing campaign for Home, and you get a high-performing DreamWorks debut.

But just because Get Hard didn’t get No. 1 doesn’t mean it failed: With $34.6 million, Get Hard is the first Will Ferrell-led film that’s debuted with more than $30 million since 2010’s The Other Guys. It also made considerably more than Kevin Hart’s latest feature, The Wedding Ringer, which opened in January with $20.6 million.

Insurgent, now in its second week, dropped 57 percent to $22.1 million. This is comparable to the first Divergent film’s performance: That one dropped 53 percent between its first and second weeks. Although Insurgent has been making a bit less than Divergent, it’s obvious there’s still a strong audience for the YA adaptation.

There’s also a lot of continued love for Cinderella, a live-action Disney remake that’s been performing similarly to Maleficent, another live-action Disney film, since its debut. It dropped nearly 50 percent in its third week, and continues to be a solid commercial success for Disney.

And the No. 5 spot goes to It Follows, a well-reviewed horror film that expanded from 32 to 1,218 theaters this weekend and brought in a healthy $4 million.

1. Home — $54 million

2. Get Hard — $34.6 million

3. Insurgent — $22.1 million

4. Cinderella — $17.5 million

5. It Follows — $4 million