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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

Can you offer up anything Game of Thrones related? — Harry

Hmm, should I tell you that we’re going to see the dragons at their scariest in the season premiere? Or that the show is flashing back to see Cersei as a snotty little kid? What if I instead tease that the season-opener includes a horrible death for one familiar character? You good? Great.

Anything Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Jessica

Tuesday’s episode will feature the return of Lucy Lawless as Isabelle Hartley. Unfortunately, she’s still dead, but we’ll get a flashback to the day S.H.I.E.L.D. fell and find out exactly how the real S.H.I.E.L.D. came to be. Unfortunately, not all of the real S.H.I.E.L.D.’s leaders agree on how to handle the hostile takeover, which will lead to a number of injuries. Injuries, though, not fatalities. Don’t worry!

Please tell me Felicity is not the one who is going to die on Arrow! Keish

I promise you that she’s not going to die… from Maseo’s arrow. After that, I can’t promise anything, but it appears as though Ray Palmer will save her by taking the arrow himself since he lands in the hospital during next week’s episode—which is what brings Mama Smoak back to Starling City. “Mom comes back to town to take care of her baby because she hears something is wrong and she wants to help her baby out,” Emily Bett Rickards teases. Sadly we won’t be finding out who Felicity’s dad is just yet. “We talk about him. He’s mentioned, but no,” she adds.

Are Owen and Amelia ever going to address his relationship with Cristina on Grey’s Anatomy? — Kristy

“They have a little bit of a conversation about it,” Caterina Scorsone tells me. “I don’t think Amelia understands the ins and outs of that whole relationship or how it affected Owen. One of the nice things about the connection between Amelia and Owen is that so much of it is an unspoken connection. They know that there are big areas of their lives that are really hard to talk about, so they give each other that space. They’ve created a vessel and an opportunity for the other person to reveal themselves, but they don’t push. Both of them need that because they’ve been pushed around a lot in their lives with all their traumas.”

What’s coming up for Angela and Hodgins on Bones? — Frannie

The show will be revisiting the Pelant fallout, including “Hodgins losing the family fortune, being broke for over two years, and that money never being found,” according to executive producer Stephen Nathan. “That might all end. That might be resolved,” he says, adding that Hodgins will soon “come into a little money of his own making,” though it has nothing to do with the hot sauce venture. “That kept them going for a little bit, but this is something far more valuable.” Bonus scoop: Angela will be reevaluating her career again. “She was only at the Jeffersonian in a temporary capacity anyways,” Nathan says.

What’s the latest on The Blacklist’s Fulcrum? — Jerry

It’s coming back into play next week when Red pushes Liz to fork it over amidst what he claims is a life or death matter. “He wants her to turn it over because he says it’s important and she’s not there yet,” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp says. “The mythology surrounding the Fulcrum, Reddington and really the people who he is most afraid of comes in fairly sharp focus by the end of the season. It’s something we’re going to be answering and paying off in what I think is going to be a really compelling way.”

Do you know exactly how Harrison Wells plans to use Barry on The Flash? — Mark

If I actually knew the physics of how that worked, I probably wouldn’t be a writer. But Tom Cavanagh provided somewhat of an explanation: “If you know the Speed Force, it’s fair to say that Barry’s abilities come from a positive culling of the Speed Force,” he says. “Reverse Flash’s abilities come from what Barry would call a negative culling of the Speed Force. Truthfully, the Speed Force is important to both of them accomplishing their goals and the Speed Force doesn’t separate. As they fight towards what they really want—or think they want—they are going to have to take advantage of that Speed Force. I say, ‘think they want,’ because if you’re familiar with the mythology, what Barry needs and what Barry thinks he wants aren’t always the same thing.”

What about some Forever? — Railene

Michael Gill, aka President Garrett Walker from House of Cards, is going to guest-star in the upcoming April 7 episode as Dmitry Milikoff, a former Russian dancer and current artistic director of a prestigious ballet company who, of course, becomes a murder suspect.

Can Regina be trusted not to reveal Snow and Charming’s secret on Once Upon a Time? — Diane

Surprising as it may sound, the Evil Queen can be trusted… for now. “It would really test their relationship if Regina spills that secret,” Lana Parrilla tells me. “Maybe she’ll do that in a dark state. There’s also the flip side that Regina may think two wrongs don’t make a right. What happened between them happened so long ago. She may be adult in this situation.”

In the Pretty Little Liars finale, “A” gave Mona a gas mask, but she never used it. Will that be important in season 6? — Jess

“A”/Charles never gives a present without a reason behind it. In fact, Janel Parrish assures us that the gas mask will play an important role when season 6 returns with the girls still trapped in the dollhouse. Though Parrish says Mona “will be treated differently because she is [Charles’] favorite,” that doesn’t mean that Mona will be off the hook. “[Mona] will ultimately still be punished,” she adds.

Best news I’ve heard all week: Craig T. Nelson is returning to NBC for a Coach revival, but I’m just going to pretend that Zeek Braverman never died.

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Be sure to email your questions to or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams.

Additional reporting by Kelly Connolly, James Hibberd, and Samantha Highfill.

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