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Ten years ago,Grey’s Anatomy premiered on ABC and introduced TV watchers to Meredith Grey, a dark-and-twisty surgical intern who has just about the worst luck… ever. But she’s not the only one: Each main character on Grey’s is (probably) cursed.

There’s Webber, who lost his wife and his lover. Izzie, who almost died from cancer after losing her patient-turned-soulmate to a stroke. And Owen, who suffers from PTSD after serving in the army. And this is just touching the surface of their many, many woes.

But some are more unfortunate than others, so with the help of a point system, we’ve narrowed down which doctors (who have been a main cast member on the show for at least five seasons) have suffered the most — and which have had a relatively easy go of it.

Here’s how it works: Each traumatic event is assigned a certain number of points, as shown in the table below. The doctor with the most points wins the title of Unluckiest Grey’s Anatomy Character (an honor, indeed). Now let the counting of misfortunes begin.

Professional crisis: 2 points

Romantic crisis: 2 points

Family-related crisis: 3 points

Witnesses something traumatizing: 5 points

Is at the center of a traumatic event: 6 points

Serious health problems (mental health included): 6 points

Almost dies: 6 points

Loses a friend or close colleague: 7 points

Loses a family member: 8 points

Dies: 10 points

13. Owen Hunt

-The rest of his platoon dies in Iraq. (6 points)

-Struggles with PTSD. (6 points)

-Shot by hospital gunman. (6 points)

-Has relationship problems with Cristina. (2 points)

Total: 20 points

12. Jackson Avery

-Threatened by gunman. (6 points)

-His mentor, Mark, dies. (7 points)

-His baby with April dies. (8 points)

-April keeps extending her tour overseas, causing tensions between them. (2 points)

Total: 23 points

11. George O’Malley

-Gets syphilis. (2 points)

-Meredith cries while having sex with him. (2 points)

-Callie cheats on him with Mark. (2 points)

-Father dies. (8 points)

-Fails intern exams. (2 points)

-Dies. (10 points)

Total: 26 points

10. Arizona Robbins

-Comes back from Malawi to find Callie pregnant with Mark’s baby. (2 points)

-Her leg is amputated after the plane crash. (12 points — is at the center of a traumatic event and encounters a serious health problem)

-Has a miscarriage. (6 points)

-Her brother dies. (8 points)

-Has relationship problems with Callie. (2 points)

Total: 30 points

9. Callie Torres

-George cheats on her. (2 points)

-George dies. (7 points)

-Her dad temporarily disowns her when he finds out she’s dating a woman. (3 points)

-Her baby has to be delivered prematurely after getting in a bad car crash. (12 points — is at the center of a traumatic event and encounters a serious health problem)

-Arizona cheats on her with Dr. Boswell. (2 points)

-Mark dies after the plane crash. (7 points)

-Almost loses her license after being slammed with a lawsuit. (2 points)

-Arizona is mad at her for making the decision to amputate her leg. (2 points)

-Has relationship problems with Arizona. (2 points)

Total: 39 points

8. Izzie Stevens

-Alex cheats on her. (2 points)

-Falls in love with Denny, and then he dies. (7 points)

-Gets melanoma that spreads to her brain. (6 points)

-Almost dies from said melanoma. (6 points)

-Wakes up from almost dying to find out that George has died. (7 points)

-Is fired. (2 points)

-Alex rejects her when she tries to come back after disappearing for a bit. (2 points)

Total: 32 points

7. Miranda Bailey

-Had to give birth while her husband was close to death in a nearby hospital room. (6 points)

-Her son, Tuck, gets seriously injured. (3 points)

-George dies. (7 points)

-Hospital shooter puts a gun to her face. (6 points)

-Watches Charles die after he’s shot by the hospital gunman. (5 points)

-Has relationship problems with Tucker. (2 points)

-Struggles with OCD. (6 points)

Total: 35 points

6. April Kepner

-Is fired after she makes a mistake that leads to her patient’s death. (2 points)

-Her best friend, Reed, was shot to death by the hospital gunman. (7 points)

-Finds Reed dead. (5 points)

-Almost gets shot by hospital gunman. (6 points)

-Sees Derek get shot. (5 points)

-Failed her board exams. (2 points)

-Breaks her celibacy and that causes ensuing crisis. (2 points)

-Her baby dies. (8 points)

Total: 37 points

5. Richard Webber

-Struggles with alcoholism. (6 points)

-Ellis dies. (7 points)

-Adele gets pregnant in her early 50s but loses the baby. (3 points)

-Adele gets Alzheimer’s. (3 points)

-Threatened by gunman. (6 points)

-Adele starts a new relationship with someone at her assisted living facility. (5 points — both a romantic and family-related crisis)

-Adele dies. (8 points)

-He almost dies after being electrocuted. (6 points)

​Total: 44 points

4. Alex Karev

-Grew up with an abusive father. (6 points)

-Saw his brother try to kill his sister. (5 points)

-Went to juvenile detention. (6 points)

-Falls in love with a ferry accident survivor who turns out to be married and mentally unstable. (2 points)

-Has relationship problems with Izzie. (2 points)

-Gets shot by hospital gunman. (12 points — at center of something traumatizing and gets seriously injured)

-Has to amputate his friend’s leg. (6 points)

-Father shows up. (3 points)

-Father dies. (8 points)

Total: 50 points

3. Cristina Yang

-Watched her dad die when she was young. (13 points — witnesses traumatizing event and loses her father)

-Collapses after ectopic pregnancy. (6 points)

-Stabbed by icicle. (6 points)

-Burke leaves her at their wedding. (2 points)

-The hospital gunman confronts her while she’s operating on Derek, trying to save his life. (6 points)

-Gets PTSD from the hospital shooting. (6 points)

-Owen cheats on her. (2 points)

-She wakes up to Owen strangling her. (6 points)

-Was in the plane that crashed. (6 points)

-Gets PTSD again following the plane crash. (6 points)

-Her friend Craig Thomas at the Mayo Clinic dies. (7 points)

-Should have won the Harper Avery Award but can’t because of the hospital’s relationship with the Harper Avery Foundation. (2 points)

Total: 68 points

2. Derek Shepherd

-His wife, Addison, cheats on him with his best friend. (2 points)

-Shot by gunman during lockdown. (6 points)

-Flatlines while Yang and Avery are operating on him in front of gunman. (6 points)

-Hit by a malpractice lawsuit. (2 points)

-Struggles with depression during the period of the lawsuit. (6 points)

-Saw his father’s murder. (5 points)

-His father was murdered. (8 points)

-Was in the plane that crashed. (6 points)

-Mark dies. (7 points)

-Meredith tampers with his Alzheimer’s clinical trial, therefore invalidating their work. (2 points)

-Gets in a car crash. (6 points)

-Gets in another car crash soon after the first one, and then is conscious while the doctors around him pretty much let him die. (6 points)

-Dies. (10 points)

Total: 72 points

1. Meredith Grey

-Witnesses mother slitting her wrists. (5 points)

-Mother is not supportive. (3 points)

-Mother gets Alzheimer’s. (3 points)

-Mother dies. (8 points)

-Puts her hand on a bomb that could go off at any minute and kill her. (6 points)

-Watches the member of the bomb squad die. (5 points)

-Finds out her dad remarried and had two daughters — hence why he never tried to connect with Meredith. (2 points)

-Hooks up with Derek only to discover that he’s married. Derek then chooses his wife over Meredith. (2 points)

-Almost drowns. (6 points)

-Watches Derek get shot by gunman. (5 points)

-Miscarriage. (6 points)

-Her sister, Lexie, dies. (8 points)

-Was in the plane that crashed. (6 points)

-Almost bleeds to death after she delivers her son via C-section. (6 points)

-Her dad, Thatcher, blames her for his wife’s death. (3 points)

-George dies. (7 points)

-Has Alzheimer’s gene. (6 points)

-Derek dies. (8 points)

-Is forced to work with Penny, the woman partly responsible for her husband’s death. (2 points)

-Almost dies after a patient attacks her. (6 points)

​Total: 103 points

To no one’s surprise, Meredith takes the (very depressing) cake with a total of 103 points. Tune in to Grey’s Anatomy when it airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC to see what other tragedies she and the rest of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital crew face.

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