Credit: PostPanic

Warner Bros has won an auction for the rights to create a feature length version of Sundays, a 14-minute short film made by a first-time feature director that went viral on Monday.

EW confirmed that Warner Bros closed the deal with director Mischa Rozema. Deadline first reported the news.

Rozema and his Amsterdam-based PostPanic team used Kickstarter crowd-funding to raise the $50,000 production costs for the film. After the short swept the internet on Monday, studios were jumping at the chance to get the rights. According to Deadline, things got so out of hand that an agency that Rozema wasn’t associated with began sending out the film, unaware that the director was signed by the agency UTA.

Rozema will soon be coming to Hollywood to meet with Warner Bros’ executives and writers will be hired to draft the feature, Deadline reported.