By Madison Vain
Updated March 26, 2015 at 07:47 PM EDT
Matt SaylesInvision/AP

As the masses move through the various stages of grief over Zayn Malik’s 1D departure, the immediate coping mechanism has been to listen to their content on repeat, ad nauseam. One Direction was already an incredibly high-streamed group—they hit the one-billion milestone last November—but they were especially popular Wednesday afternoon.

“Looking at One Direction’s streams in the US on Spotify yesterday, we can clearly see the ‘spike of sadness’ happening around 5pm-6pm (ET), when their millions of fans paid tribute to Zayn by listening to One Direction’s music together all over the world,” Spotify’s Head of Label Relations for Europe, Kevin Brown, said in a press release.

The most popular choices could not have been more appropriate:

1. “Moments”

2. “Same Mistakes”

3. “Spaces”

4. “I Wish”

5. “Gotta Be You”

Wallow in the playlist of what once was, below.