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Updated March 26, 2015 at 08:32 PM EDT
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He was so confident he equated last night’s vote on Survivor to a “walk in the park,” only he was the one walking out of Tribal Council with his torch snuffed. Joaquin Souberbielle was eliminated in the dreaded last pre-merge vote-off last night (so close, yet so far) but he called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) this morning to talk about where it all went wrong. You can now hear the entire interview right here on the InsideTV Podcast below. Here are a few highlights:

On thinking he was safe:

“I totally thought I had it in the bag. I walked into that tribe and Sierra was like a lost puppy. She hated everybody and I was like this is so easy.”

On his current bromance status with Rodney:

“Rodney is still my man. We talk every day.”

On why Sierra flipped back:

“It was Mike chirping in her ear. He’s got a way with words, that guy…. I didn’t know that Rodney had 12 prior days of acting like a jackass and everybody hating him.… I should have probably pulled Joe in and left Rodney out of the loop.”

On who was in on throwing the challenge:

“It was Mike, Dan, and I think possibly Sierra. Rodney brought it up to me like three times and I kept telling him, ‘Hey, man. We cannot throw this challenge. It doesn’t even matter how badly we want Joe to go home because he have four No Collars on the other side. Let’s just win this and we’ll keep it moving.’ Because me and Tyler were all about winning. We kept saying to Rodney, ‘Listen, bro, let’s not throw a challenge yet. There is no reason to do it. Our team is stacked. Let’s just keep winning.’ It didn’t turn out that way. I don’t how he convinced Mike to throw the challenge but Mike is a super fan. He knows better than to throw a challenge not even half way through the game.”

On why he didn’t realize Mike was throwing the challenge:

“I honestly thought he was just that dumb. I’m watching him run back and forth and was like ‘Okay, they’re Blue Collar for a reason. Maybe they’re just that stupid that they can’t remember.’ But I should have known. I was literally sitting on the sideline cringing.”

On being voted out just before the merge:

“I was just dying for individual play. Obviously you could tell I was a challenge beast. I was a workhorse. Put me in there and I’m just gonna win, no matter what. I was just waiting, like please, please I want individual play. And to be the first one voted out before it, it still kills me right now. ‘Cause God knows I could have so many more immunities.”

On Survivor being like high school:

“The whole game is high school. Literally from the second we stepped on there with Shirin it was just high school, high school, high school drama. And I like to stay out of the drama. That’s exactly what this game is—it’s like going back to high school.”

On Max and Shirin going naked:

“Max did it for a certain reason. Shirin just followed because Max did it and Shirin was following everything that Max was doing. I couldn’t stand it. You just have to sit there and not look.”

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