'Game of Thrones' author has an awesome solution to making it through the zombie apocalypse

By James Hibberd
Updated March 26, 2015 at 03:02 PM EDT
Credit: AMC

George R.R. Martin recently caught up on AMC’s The Walking Dead. The Game of Thrones author tells us he binged about 14 episodes in a row. And Martin, a longtime student of medieval history, had a realization about how to survive the zombie apocalypse. If you’re in Europe, especially, his idea is actually brilliantly simple.

“Castles!” the author told EW. “Whatever is happening in the United States during The Walking Dead, I’m sure they’re a lot better off in England because they’re in castles. If they had any brains, they’d go to the existing castles and reinforce the walls. They can patrol on the bulwarks. No way is a zombie [getting through]—medieval seige armies couldn’t break castles with conventional artillery, and zombies don’t use artillery. Zombies don’t build trebuchets. They don’t build siege towers. There is no way they can break into a well-defended castle.”

Of course, the survivors would still have to eat, which would mean doing risky raiding runs outside the castle once their supplies ran out. Rival survivor groups could still be a problem, though probably less of an issue than they’d be if the survivors were holed up anywhere else—it’s not like the average starving apocalypse survivor knows how to construct siege weapons either.

In any case, Martin’s plan beats a chain-link fence any day. And “zombies don’t build trebuchets” is my new favorite phrase.

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