By Miles Raymer
Updated March 25, 2015 at 04:25 PM EDT
Credit: Carolina Faruolo

Ian Black put in a long run as touring bassist for British indie rockers Field Music, and as a show of appreciation for his service the band’s central members Peter and David Brewis produced and played on RIPE, Black’s debut album under the name SLUG. With its quirky beat, tweaked-out guitar leads, and Black’s nonchalant vocal performance, the single “Greasy Mind” conjures up memories of Hot Chip at their laid-back finest, as well as ’90s postmodern rockers like Soul Coughing and Odelay-era Beck. The accompanying video is even more retro, pasting together found footage from the Super 8 era with vividly blown-out VHS distortion.

RIPE is out April 13 on Memphis Industries, and available now for pre-order on iTunes and CD/LP.