J.K. Rowling proved she isn’t afraid to put a Muggle in his or her place when she politely shut down a Twitter user who questioned Rowling’s decision as to Dumbledore’s sexuality. Rowling, who often takes time to respond to fans through Twitter, responded to user anakocovic21 who couldn’t “see him in that way” with the best reply.

Though this isn’t the first time Rowling has defended her decision since first revealing Dumbledore was gay eight years ago, she deserves all of the House points for how she handles Twitter trolls.

Credit: Tumblr

Update: So, it looks like the fan wasn’t trolling after all. Following the exchange, user anakocovic21 deleted the tweets, including his or her gracious response to Rowling that read: “amazing answer … Yes you are absolutely right. Such an inspiration!!!.” But as Rowling pointed out on Twitter, The Independent was able to provide a full account, including a screengrab of the initial exchange which provided better context for the story.