Credit: Improv Everywhere

The next installment in Improv Everywhere‘s “Musicals in Real Life” series went down at Manhattan’s Houston Hall bar Tuesday night.

Actors who had been posing as pub employees and customers chime in as one man struggles to pick the right beer for his date during Beer! The Musical. “No macrobrews!” one woman warns mid-song.

A full beer hall catches on quickly as the cast recount the wide selection of New York-based brews available at Houston Hall while drumming on kegs and engaging in a kick line. But bar patrons don’t seem to mind, as they whip out their phones to document the four-minute musical.

Improv Everywhere collaborated with the New York State Brewers Association to put on the production, which was created and directed by the group’s founder Charlie Todd.

Previous impromptu performances include Food Court Musical, Grocery Store Musical and Mall Santa Musical.