By Natalie Abrams
Updated March 25, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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While Meredith deals with Derek’s sudden and suspiciously timed return to Seattle, another familiar face will pop back up on Grey’s Anatomy during Thursday’s episode as Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) mother (Debra Mooney) checks into Grey Sloan Memorial.

“It’s a really fun episode,” McKidd tells EW. “It’s great having Debra Mooney back. We give her a lot more to do. She turns up with a medical condition, but the real surprise is that she has got a man in tow with her that Owen did not know about. Owen’s reaction is funny and interesting.”

Her arrival may put Owen in an uncomfortable position as he’s forced to introduce Amelia to his mother much earlier than he would’ve liked. “Owen and Amelia are not a couple yet, so it’s interesting to see how that plays out between them,” McKidd says. “Amelia and Owen’s mom actually hit it off very quickly. They like each other and become fast friends. Owen is the odd man out in the whole situation.”

“It’s cool for Amelia,” Scorsone adds. “She meets his mom and she likes her immediately. She’s just a great broad and Amelia really appreciates her sense of humor. They’ve got a lot of similarities actually. It tells her a lot about who Owen is.”

But meeting Owen’s mom isn’t the only step the two will soon be taking. Though it may have been unclear from their hot and heavy on-call room sessions, the duo actually haven’t slept together yet. “It’s pager-interuptous,” McKidd jokes. “Every time we try and seal the deal, they get called away to work. There’s a lot of that pent up frustration going on, but we do see them eventually manage to, you know, cross that barrier. It takes a while. They’re so busy. It creates more heat between them too because they’re being kept apart.”

When the moment does finally happen, Scorsone says it won’t be rushed. “It won’t just be an on-call room hookup,” she says. “They definitely are starting to understand the impact and profundity of their connection. They’re not really taking it as lightly as Amelia has tended to take that step in the past. They know that this is a real connection and it should be treated as such.”

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