Ninendo fans who subscribed to Netflix after word broke of a possible live-action The Legend of Zelda series might want to temper their expectations for the moment.

Time spoke to Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata after Nintendo announced the gaming company would be moving into developing mobile games. But Iwata also commented on The Wall Street Journal‘s report that Netflix and Nintendo were in early talks for a series based on one of Nintendo’s most famous franchises.

“As of now, I have nothing new to share with you in regard to the use of our IPs for any TV shows or films, but I can at least confirm that the article in question is not based on correct information,” Iwata said to Time.

Iwata did not outright deny that Nintendo is looking into developing a television show based on the company’s IP, nor that the company has not considered a partnership with Netflix, only that the initial report was inaccurate. And Nintendo’s surprising and momentous decision to move into mobile shows that the company is breaking down boundaries it previously had in place for itself.

So Nintendo may very well still be considering branching out into TV or film, but for now it appears any such project is nowhere near being announced in the forseeable future. Iwata has even previously said Nintendo is exploring such unexpected opportunities, but the company currently has no announcements to make on those topics.

Iwata also spoke extensively about Nintendo’s move into the mobile market, and how the term “free-to-play” is so problematic in that space. Free-to-play games are those you can download for free but that offer players opportunities to make purchases early and often throughout their time with the game.

“I have come to realize that there is a degree of insincerity to consumers with this terminology, since so-called ‘Free-to-play’ should be referred to more accurately as ‘Free-to-start,'” Iwata said.

Read Time‘s full interview with Iwata for much more on the mobile move. And for more from Nintendo’s CEO, read about what he had to say regarding the Wii U, the New 3DS, Amiibos, and more.

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