The sketch-comedy show signs off tonight after three seasons (and countless catchphrases. Oh, Hello!)

By Gillian Telling
Updated March 24, 2015 at 09:49 PM EDT
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While he’s certainly sad to be saying goodbye to Kroll Show, which airs its final episode tonight after three seasons on Comedy Central, Nick Kroll tells EW he was lucky to get to do what he loved for so long.

“The idea that I would be able to say goodbye to a show that I got to make with all my friends, and do it exactly the way I wanted to do it? I feel very fortunate,” he says. “Not many people get that opportunity.”

Which doesn’t mean he won’t miss the show. “I’m going to miss working with the people I made it with, and getting tweets from people watching who are pulling for specific characters,” he says. “And of course, all the Emmys.”

So now that his creative baby is ending, what’s next in store for the writer, actor and comedian? “I’m going to retire,” he says. “I’m going to get a boat, and just float in the middle of the Silverlake Reservoir.” Or maybe not: “Either that, or I’m going to take all the people and relationships I made, and continue to work with them on different kinds of things,” continues Kroll. “Taking everything I learned making this show and hopefully act, write, and produce more stuff.”

And while fans of the show have long had their favorite characters and sketches, when pressed to name a few of his own favorites, Kroll balks.

“That’s like saying ‘Which kid is your favorite?’” he says. “Sometimes it’s the one you’re with at that time. But what’s amazing it how many people who are just like the characters come up and tell me they love those characters! I can’t tell you how many publicists tell me they love PubLIZity, or how many rich dicks tell me they love rich dicks.”

What about his favorite moments of all time from the show?

“On the finale tonight, there’s a moment with [John] Mulaney that made me laugh so hard,” he says. “I could not get though a take of him, as George, explaining what it’s like to recover from love lost.”

Krolls say he plans on watching the final episode tonight with all of Kroll‘s cast and crew, then having a party to celebrate four years together. “I have a feeling karaoke will be involved. Especially if John Levenstein, our showrunner, has anything to do with it,” he says. “Hopefully there will be no karaoke bullies.”

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