Credit: Steve Wilkie/BBC America

BBC America just released its latest trailer for season 3 of Orphan Black and this one focuses on the male clones of Project Castor, all played by Ari Millen. In the sneak peek we get looks at four different male clones:

Mark: Described as a “Spy”, Mark now seems to indeed have been undercover with the Proletheans last season before taking off and marrying Gracie.

Rudy: Also known as “Scarface,” Rudy was introduced at the very end of season 2 and we’ve already been treated to a season 3 scene between him and Sarah. Also check out what Ari Millen told us about Rudy right here.

Miller: This is the soldier we also saw at the end of season 2. Project Castor is a military operation so it only makes sense to see one of the clones in fatigues.

Seth: This must be the dude with the mustache. What’s his deal? I mean, beyond the mustache. But also, what’s the deal with the mustache?

Make sure to check out the Project Castor trailer below, and read Ari Millen’s thoughts on the male clones right here. And for more Orphan Black intel, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

And just in case you aren’t caught up, never fear – the cast is here to explain everything that’s happened to you in just thirty seconds:

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