By Madison Vain
Updated March 24, 2015 at 06:09 PM EDT

When French producer Madeon, born Hugo Leclercq, went into the studio to record with Mark Foster of Foster the People, he did things a little differently. “Usually I like to have a track ready and a clear idea of what I want and then just write the vocals, but on this one, I came [to the studio] with nothing prepared. Just my computer, me, and Mark, and we wrote the song from scratch. It was actually my birthday, so we celebrated. It was the best time.”

And as for pairing with the indie-pop frontman, it’s been in the works since 2011. “I’ve always wanted to work with Mark—I first met Foster the People when they were playing on Letterman for their first album and we’ve kind of kept in touch,” he says. “So when I started doing sessions on the album it was finally time to ask him.”

“Nonsense” is the most recent single off Madeon’s forthcoming debut album, Adventure (out March 31)—a downtempo and delightful song-centric dance collection. “I always want to make sure songs are at the centerpiece and that production is a means to helping the song come to life and not the other way around,” he says. It features guest spots from Passion Pit, Kyan, Acquilo, and more, but also from the 20-year-old himself. (Check out the confessional track “Home” he released earlier this month.)

The artist will be on the festival circuit supporting the album with sets at Coachella and Mysterland as well as on tour. Whether or not we’ll get a live guest spot from Foster is yet to be settled: “We’re trying to make that happen—I think that’d be sick, he’s a great live singer. Plus, I’m working on a new iteration of the song for a live show.”

“Nonsense” featuring Mark Foster is streaming below.