Julie Andrews | In Blake Edwards' musical about a singer who finds work at a drag bar, Andrews played a woman playing a man playing a woman, a…
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Beloved Sound of Music star Julie Andrews will publish her second memoir with Hachette Books.

Andrews’s first memoir, 2008’s Home, focused on her early childhood and her career on the stage. Her follow-up will chronicle her widespread film and television career from the 1960s to the 1990s. (Which I guess means her inside secrets from the set of The Princess Diaries will sadly have to wait until her third memoir.)

The actress is well aware of her sugary-sweet reputation, which earned her massive public adoration: “I do have a very squeaky-clean image,” she told Alec Baldwin on his podcast, Here’s The Thing. “That’s simply because, if you think about it, Alec, here’s ‘Mary Poppins,’ followed pretty quickly by ‘The Sound of Music,’ two hugely iconic films about nannies.”

But the real Andrews differs slightly from that onscreen persona. In 1981, she had a topless scene while starring in S.O.B., which was directed by her husband, Blake Edwards. Edwards was known for pushing the envelope in his comedies. She followed S.O.B. with a crossdressing role in 1982’s Victor Victoria.

Andrews’s yet-untitled memoir will be published in September of 2017.

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