The minor-league Durham Bulls baseball team is going Hollywood, and this time it has nothing to do with a catcher named Crash Davis. On April 23, the Bulls will host Game of Thrones Night, and the team recently unveiled their custom-themed battle attire. Note the fierce, almost devilish-looking, bull embroidered on the left chest. The Bulls of House Durham, as they are being called for the special event, wear their motto proudly on their right sleeve: “Hitteth Bull Winneth Steak,” a nod to the snorting bovine billboard made famous by director Ron Shelton’s 1988 movie.

Appropriately, the Bulls are facing the Knights of House Charlotte on April 23, so it will certainly be a clash for the ages. No quarter will be asked or given.

The Game of Thrones promotional stunt isn’t completely from left field, so to speak. One of the Bulls’ biggest fans, Mur Lafferty, an award-winning author, won a local following by live-tweeting the team’s games from the perspective of Sansa Stark. “It is time for more buffoonery with ‘sir’ wool e bull. He races a mere child and tries to convince the crowd he is beaten,” went one tweet, #sansaball.

As for the blue Game of Thrones-themed uniforms, they likely won’t add any additional protection from an up-and-in 95-miles-per-hour heater. But the geometric background design does convey a shimmering of nobility that if nothing else will class up proclamations of dugout profanity.

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