Credit: Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

Bill O’Reilly will be joining David Letterman on the Late Show Tuesday night to talk about, among other things, controversies involving both him and reporter Brian Williams.

In a new clip, O’Reilly discusses Williams recent six month suspension from NBC’s Nightly News for misrepresenting events that he experienced while covering the Iraq War. O’Reilly said he believes NBC should, and will, bring him back.

“We have a sport in the United States called ‘Let’s Destroy the Famous Person,’ and that’s what happened to him,” O’Reilly said.

When Letterman asked O’Reilly, who has also recently been accused of making false claims during his journalism career, if he has ever “fibbed” on air O’Reilly said no.

“What I do is analysis different from what other people do. So I bloviate and give my opinion as you well know. But it’s not worth it for me to do that.”

The Late Show With David Letterman airs 11:35 ET/10:35 CT on CBS.