Credit: Pat Sullivan/AP file

Robert Durst, the focus of the HBO docuseries The Jinx and first-degree murder suspect, was denied bail in New Orleans on Monday in the wake of his March 14 arrest. During Durst’s hearing, peculiar details emerged of the 71-year-old’s apprehension in Louisiana. Among the choice accoutrements found his hotel room, via The New York Times:

•$44,000, cash.

•A gun.

•Proof that Durst was set to receive $117,000 of more cold-hard cash money by UPS.

•A fake ID… and a real passport.

•Maps of Cuba, Florida, and New Orleans.


•A “flesh-tone” mask with salt and pepper hair.

The Los Angeles Police Department issued a warrant for Durst’s arrest on suspicion of the 2000 murder of his friend, Susan Berman.

On the stunning finale of The Jinx, Durst was caught with a live microphone in the bathroom, catching his saying: “Killed them all, of course.” His attorney Dick DeGuerin dismissed the show during an interview that aired Saturday, calling it simply “an effort to win an Emmy.”