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Much of Jane the Virgin centers on the ever-evolving (and quickly evolving) love triangle between Jane, Rafael, and Michael. So the question is: Whose team are cast members currently on, Michael or Rafael?

Entertainment Weekly asked the cast where they stood in the wake of Rafael’s proposal, which Jane rejected, at last week’s Jane the Virgin PaleyFest red carpet. The verdict: Speaking as fans of the show, not as their onscreen counterparts, almost everyone in the cast is team Michael. Brett Dier’s even come close to bringing Rafael himself, Justin Baldoni, to his team.

Check out their responses in full, below. Hey, it might not be as good as a new episode—Chapter 17 won’t air until April 6—but it should be enough to hold you over in the mean time:

Andrea Navedo

Plays: Xiomara Villanueva, Jane’s Mother

Team: Michael

“I’ve always been team Michael. There’s something about Brett that’s so charming and endearing that I can’t help myself. I myself am sort of a blue-collar type of person. I was born and raised in the Bronx. My father was a bus driver for many years. I have my life experience of those type of people who were workers, blue-collar workers. I relate to that aspect of him as well. I like that. To me, that’s a little bit more stable.”

Jaime Camil

Plays: Rogelio De La Vega, Jane’s Father

Team: Michael

“#TeamMichael, all the way! All the show, all the crew members, all the network executives, they love Michael, but Michael needs to get tougher. He’s too good, and girls, sometimes, like a bad boy—once in a while. Finally, he’s going to go to the 99 cent store and buy a pair of, you know, and that kind of happens in the season finale. You’re going to like the Michael of the season finale episode.”

Yael Grobglas

Plays: Petra Solano, Rafael’s Ex-Wife

Team: Michael

“As a fan, I’m team Michael because there’s something so heartwarming and wonderful about his character. He’s so sweet and such a nice guy. In the table reads there are a lot of oohs and aahs whenever there’s a scene between Michael and Jane.”

Jennie Snyder Urman

Role: Creator, Executive Producer

Team: Rafael

“I’m always team underdog. I try to build one up and then I try to make sure the other one is coming up too. I kind of go back and forth. I like that challenge of rooting one way then figuring out, how can you root for the other person without taking away from the first…I was team Michael, but now Rafael is going to be going through some hard stuff with his dad and everything, so that gets me a little more in Rafael’s team. I had to make myself Rafael at the beginning, so I could get them together and believe in that romance. When they were doing great, I had to find my love of the Michael-Jane relationship. We do a lot of that in flashbacks, which I like because it sort of helps remind the audience of what a special connection they have. We have A LOT of Michael fans.”

Brett Dier

Plays: Michael Cordero Jr., Jane’s Ex-Fiance

Team: Michael

“I’m definitely team Michael. I feel like some people have a negative view of Michael because they think that he’s still hiding something because he did at the beginning, but he’s not. He’s a really good guy and he loves Jane. Imagine going through what he went through and still loving the girl. He went through a lot of stuff, and he still loves her more than anything. I’m rooting for him.”

Justin Baldoni

Plays: Rafael Solano, Jane’s Current Boyfriend

Team: Rafael

“I know more about Rafael and his history, so I’m team Rafael, but I guarantee you, I’m sure that the rest of my cast is team Michael. They’re rooting for the underdog. That’s what I’ll say…But, Brett is so fantastic as Michael. He brings this almost vulnerable puppy quality to this detective, which I just really respect. Look, if I was a fan, I would probably be team Michael.”

Gina Rodriguez

Plays: Jane Villanueva, Our Leading Lady

Team: Michael

“I’m team Michael. I love Justin Baldoni, the man, the entity, the giving, amazing human being. In the storyline, there’s something, to me, about Brett’s character, Michael, that represents, in my opinion, what you discover at a later age as a woman. You want somebody that is a lock. You want stability. You want somebody that is kind and caring and understanding. Jane and Michael’s relationship is so that. They were on the journey that was the epitome of beautiful, the epitome of what we long for from a partner. Rafael is a great guy and he’s trying to shed those things about him that limited him from experiencing love and a connection, and he’s doing that with Jane. I think that’s why he likes her so much. But I think for Jane, that foundation of patience and faith and understanding is so evident in Michael’s character. I like that. I want them to succeed.”

Fans, what do you think of the cast’s responses? What team are you on? Could Michael’s ex-girlfriend, Andie (Rachel DiPillo) put an end of this love triangle? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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