Credit: Steve Ruark/AP

Over the last few days, Tom DeLonge has offered up some more information and reasoning behind his split with Blink-182, and it involves no less than four albums and 15 co-written novels. Clearly, 2015 is going to be a busy year for DeLonge.

DeLonge detailed his musical plans for 2015, promising four albums will come out in one year. He clarified on his Twitter that two of those will be solo projects, while another two will be with Angels & Airwaves. These plans have been in the works for “a couple of years” according to DeLonge, who has previously discussed his plans to release more music this year.

But his plans don’t stop with the four albums. He’s also in the process of co-writing 15 novels, all of which will have their own EP associated with them. He explained in his tweets that three of those four albums will be tied to these novels, which only slightly cuts down on the impressive undertaking’s effort.

DeLonge used the opportunity of outlining his plans to also present more of his side of the Blink-182 split. The musician wrote a lengthy post on his Instagram announcing the 15-novel plan detailing the sequence of events.

DeLonge explained that, because he has been under contract with these other projects, he could not drop them to record a new Blink-182 album. He was willing to work around his current obligations to record, but said he believed the Blink contract included language that would have made him drop his other musical endeavors.

From there, word got out in a manner he didn’t expect, reiterating his claims that he never intended to leave the band and that his bandmates announced his departure without his knowledge.

Even without the Blink-182 album, DeLonge appears to have plenty of material left to work on for 2015, including “the fastest punk song” he’s written in 15 years.

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