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Ariana Grande popped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday, where she appeared in his Ew! sketch—and there were a few standout moments.

The first being: Fallon’s Sara, a teen girl obsessed with selfies and shamrock shakes, probably didn’t know what she was getting into when she challenged Grande’s Alexa to a sing-off. “I probably shouldn’t go. I can’t top that,” Alexa says, speaking to Sara’s swan song. (It’s funny because she can top it! And she does, treating us to the voice of an angel.)

But the best moment, perhaps, is when both break character. Sara suggests they play a game of speed round, and proceeds to show Alexa a picture of a neck pillow (ew!) and a venti latte (double ew, she prefers grande), among others—which are also judged to be totally, well, ew! But one she responded to with affectio a picture of Richard Dreyfuss. “He’s cute…He’s a really talented actor,” Alexa says defensively, laughing the whole way through.

Watch, and laugh, for yourself:

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