Credit: Keith Morris/Redferns

Maybe the crew behind Get It While You Can, the long-gestating Janis Joplin biopic, should try Jackie Jormp-Jomp instead. In the works for years, most recently with Amy Adams in place for the starring role, The Hollywood Reporter now reports that LKL Productions and Silver Reel have sued the film’s writers and producers for breach of contract.

According to the report, LKL and Silver Reel bought the Get It While You Can rights for $117,000 last August, but allege that since then, writer-producer Ron Terry has shopped the script to other studios and financiers. Terry’s August agreement also allegedly included the restructuring of $1.7 million worth of loans he received from Chesterton Capital.

The hitch: LKL and Silver Reel says Terry no longer wants to restructure the loans. The claim suggests that Terry agreed to the August terms because he was undergoing cancer treatment and was “under physical and financial duress”—but that those extenuating circumstances don’t release him from the terms to which he committed.

Amy Adams might want to start learning the words to “Chunk of My Lung” if she ever wants this thing to get off the ground.