By Samantha Highfill
March 20, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
Ron Batzdorff
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Edward Lewis and Vivian Ward began their unlikely love story 25 years ago today, when Pretty Woman hit theaters and introduced the world to the chemisty between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The film, of course, told the love story of Vivian, a young hooker trying to pay rent in Hollywood, and Edward, a filthy rich—and extremely non-judgmental—businessman who picked her up one night. One week and $3,000 later, they were transformed into a princess and a white knight, ready to begin their fairytale together.

But what happened after Edward rode up in his limo and kissed Vivian on her fire escape? And what became of Kit? Well, we have a few ideas:

Edward and Vivian: After Edward climbed up the tower and rescued the princess, she rescued him right back. Translation: They moved back to New York together, where Vivian not only finished high school but attended NYU and received ;a college degree, which allowed her to open a clothing store (with a strict policy against turning customers away). Once her business was up and running, she and Edward tied the knot. They now have two grown children, a son and a daughter, and are soaking up the benefits of an empty nest. They enjoy barefoot picnics in Central Park, attending the opera, and living in a penthouse (that Edward can never fully enjoy thanks to his fear of heights).

On the weekends, they head to their Connecticut home—where they own horses—and once a year, they visit Hollywood for a stay at the Beverly Wilshire. Vivian still flosses multiple times a day, and Edward never did learn how to drive a stick shift. Although he didn’t really need to, because Darryl is their personal limo driver. And yes, he still carries a gun in his left pocket.

Philip Stuckey (Jason Alexander): After Philip hit Vivian, he and Edward never spoke again. Soon after that, Philip was asked to leave his law firm. Now on his fourth divorce, Philip Stuckey is a miserable human being. He spends his nights drinking himself to sleep while watching shows about strange addictions on TLC.

Kit De Luca (Laura San Giacomo): With a little help from the Edward Lewis Scholarship Fund, Kit went to cosmetology school. She now owns her own beauty parlor in Los Angeles, where she’s known for taking in down-on-their-luck young girls and training them. She and Vivian still talk every week. But most importantly, she still wears the same shade of lipstick after all these years.

Barney Thompson (Hector Elizondo): A few years after Edward and Vivian’s first stay at the hotel, Barney worked his way up from manager to owner of the hotel. Thanks to Vivian, he and Bridget got married. Now, they look forward to their yearly dinners with Vivian and Edward.

Bonus scoop: The adorable bellhop ended up getting a promotion. He’s now the manager of the hotel.

James (Ralph Bellamy) and David Morse (Alex Hyde-White): After Edward agreed to save James’ company, the two stayed close until James eventually died of old age. However, Edward and Vivian still attend polo games with David when they’re in town. David no longer plays, but you’re never too old to stomp a divot.

The saleswoman who made a big mistake … big, HUGE: After her mistake—and a follow-up complaint by Mr. Edward Lewis—the saleswoman was fired. Her reputation was ruined, forcing her out of the retail world completely. In fact, after her fiancé left her, she took her career in an entirely new direction. (Let’s just say she now works Bob Hope’s star on Hollywood Boulevard.)

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