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If you enjoyed last night’s episode of Archer, you have the star of another FX show to thank.

In “Achub Y Morfilod,” Archer and Lana travel to Wales only to have to aid some Welsh separatists, one of whom is played by The Americans‘ Matthew Rhys. Not only does the role give Rhys a chance to use his native Welsh accent, but it also comes from a story he himself told to Archer‘s executive producer Matt Thomspon.

Thompson explained in an interview with Uproxx that Rhys told the show’s producers a story while waiting on a bus that would take them and the talent behind several other FX shows to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Rhys dove into a tale about the Free Wales Army of the 1960s who, in a bombing attempt on the English, accidentally blew themselves up.

“Matthew had us all laughing our asses off and, on the spot, Adam promised to turn his story into an Archer script starring Mr. Rhys,” Thompson said to Uproxx.

Thompson and the other producer held true to that promise and debuted the episode last night, with Rhys playing one of the Welsh separatists, Lloyd Llewellyn. Thompson even made sure that the episode acknowledged Rhys’ role on The Americans, where Rhys must mask his Welsh accent as a KGB spy posing as an American.

The producers also highlight Rhys’ contribution with the peculiar “Story inspired from a Rousing Tale by Matthew Rhys” credit on the episode.

Those with a cable subscription that includes FX can watch the episode online to see Rhys’ offhand story at the Super Bowl come to life as an actual plot on Archer. And while the actor crossover doesn’t signal the start of an FX cinematic universe, it is fun to watch such different shows on the same network be able to influence one another this way.

And for those who need a refresher, EW had the entire Archer cast some up the show so far in 30 seconds.

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