Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd

He may or may not have shot and missed Han Solo at point blank range in Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope, but controversial bounty hunter Greedo will now have a species of catfish named after him. The Peckoltia greedoi, a species of suckermouth armored catfish, was discovered along the Gurupi River in Brazil in 1998.

Jonathan Armbruster, curator of fishes at Auburn University Museum of Natural History, was attempting to name the fish when arachnologist Chris Hamilton said it looked familiar. In the video below, he explains how they landed on the Star Wars character.

Greedo remains at the center of debates among Star Wars fans—did he really shoot first? In the original theatrical release, Han Solo shoots him in cold blood. However, in the special edition released in 1997, Greedo shoots and misses at point blank range before Solo kills him.

Regardless of who shot first, he fights to live another day far from Tatooine.

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