By Christian Holub
Updated March 18, 2015 at 06:33 PM EDT

Transcendent music mashups have been a little lacking in pop culture in the four years (and counting) since the last Girl Talk album. Into this void steps writer Demi Adejuyigbe (@electrolemon on Twitter), who you may previously know as the creator of the best tweet of all time, to show us what Hozier’s hit song “Take Me to Church” sounds like sung over other pop instrumentals.

The answer is, not good.

Like Victor Frankenstein before him, Adejuyigbe is all too aware of the horror he’s created. Watch his face as he listens to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” now made obscene by the inclusion of Hozier’s grainy voice.

Or look at the pain as he inserts Hozier into Kanye West’s “All Day.”

We all are the person screaming “turn it off!” in the background of this one. But you can’t. These are beautiful disasters you can’t look away from.

Everyone will have their favorites, of course.

This is mine. Unlike Kimmy Schmidt, Adejuyigbe hasn’t been in a bunker for 15 years. He’s up-to-date on Hanson’s latest hits.