By Neil Janowitz
Updated March 18, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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When we started developing our new video series Scene Unseen—which features animated versions of moments that TV and movie writers scripted but never filmed—we knew where we had to start. Key & Peele have long been friends of EW, participating in everything from a heavily-Photoshopped cover shoot to an impersonation contest. They also produce some of the most consistently funny comedy on TV.

Surely, we figured, they haven’t been able to execute on all of their great scripts. Some must have been too ambitious. We were right, and that good fortune enables us to now kick off Scene Unseen with the unproduced Key & Peele sketch “Aliens on the Run,” as animated by the talented Dan Henrick and Kate O’Leary (with music by Marc Philippe Eskenazi):

Good luck getting that hook out of your head.

Watch for a second Scene Unseen episode starring Kevin Smith next week.

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