By Gillian Telling
March 18, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

Impress Me

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It’s not the first web series ever to get picked up as a TV series (holla, Broad City and Web Therapy), but it probably is the first one to feature Weird Al Yankovich as a guest star. 

Impress Me, a half hour scripted comedy based on the hilarious real-life celebrity impersonators Jim Meskiman and Ross Marquand, makes its debut tonight on the new POP TV channel tonight at 10:30, immediately following Schitt’s Creek.

The show follows Meskiman and Marquand as they try to transition from being just celeb impressionists (who can literally do everyone, from Sir Ian McKellan to Jesse Pinkman) to serious actors, and features plenty of hilarious guest spots from stars like Angela Kinsey, Josh Groban, Erika Christensen, and yes, Weird Al himself. 

Executive-produced by Rainn Wilson, the series first debuted on Wilson’s YouTube Channel, Soul Pancake. All the episodes that have already run online will air, plus seven new original eps. 

Check out two exclusive promos for Impress Me below.

Impress Me

Pop show, executive produced by Rainn Wilson.
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