Credit: Michael Tackett

Though a trailer for Paper Towns will debut tomorrow, those John Green fans who just can’t wait can get a little taste of the movie today.

USA Today revealed a host of new photos from the film, which feature Nat Wolff’s Quentin and Cara Delevingne’s Margo in situations that will be familiar to those who have read the book. For example? Quentin and Margo go shopping for supplies; Margo holds a map in a dingy-looking space. Wolff himself also posted a photo of Quentin and Margo up to some mischief on his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Delevingne posted a teaser of the trailer to her Instagram account.

In the USA Today story, Green himself discussed his initial pause with the casting of British model Delevingne as Margo, who sets the story in motion by involving Quentin in a revenge scheme one night and then promptly vanishing. “When I heard (Delevingne) was auditioning, it was like, ‘No.’ Of course I thought that was crazy,” Green told USA Today. “But then I saw the audition. She understood Margo in ways that no one I have ever met understands Margo.”

The movie hits theaters July 24.

Credit: Michael Tackett
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