Credit: Michael Walsh/Black Mask Studios

We Can Never Go Home

Described as a teenaged True Romance, We Can Never Go Home is a new comic book series about two misfit teens who discover they have strange abilities and decide to go on a crime spree. Of course, they quickly discover they’re in over their heads—and that they hardly know each other at all.

“Deep down it feels like a more honest coming-of-age story to me,” says co-writer Matthew Rosenberg. “I tried to make it fun and exciting, but underneath there is a real loneliness and desperation in the characters that I am hoping people will recognize is a big part of figuring out who we are. I put a lot of stuff from my messed up teenage years in here, stuff I don’t feel good about, in the hopes that readers will see it and, for some, it will hit really close to home.”

To celebrate the comic’s forthcoming release, publisher Black Mask Studios put together a breif trailer that shows just what readers will be in for: a punk rock crime story about two social outcasts on the run.

We Can Never Go Home #1 by Matthew Rosenberg, Patrick Kindlon, Joshua Hood and Amanda Scurti goes on sale March 25, 2015.

Credit: David Murdoch/Black Mask Studios
Credit: Joshua Hood & Hana Nakamura/Black Mask Studios