Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Credit: Everett Collection; Darren Michaels

It’s a time-honored tradition to attempt an Irish accent on St. Patrick’s Day, but actors don’t have to wait for March 17 to try their hand at the brogue. To honor the holiday most will spend raising a Guiness, we’ve complied a list of terrible Irish accents captured on film—because while many have tried to imitate the way actual Irish people talk, few have succeeded.

It’s difficult to rank things that we can all agree are terrible—so instead, we put the accents on a scale from Shaky O’Grady (the accent is charmingly bad) to Full Leprechaun (the accent is probably offensive to actual Irish people). Starting from the top (o’ the mornin’):

Timothy Omundson, The Luck of the Irish

In this Disney Channel Original movie, Timothy Omundson plays a villainous leprechaun named Seamus McTiernan who also happened to be a flawless Irish step dancer. Is the accent great? No. But it’s a kids’ movie about a basketball-playing half-leprechaun whose dad is from the “shores of Erie” (a.k.a. Cleveland). We love it no matter what.